In the field of interior and display products Armour Systems is something of a rarity, a service company that also develops and manufactures new products. While this might at first seem like an odd notion, it’s the logical result of our straightforward and single-minded approach. We are, after all, in business to solve our customers’ problems: if the most appropriate solution involves us in developing a new product, then that’s what we do. This website sets out to describe our approach, both through the services we provide and some of the products we make. I hope you discover that, whatever the project, we respond to customer requirements in a way that is both professional and practical.

Andrew Gascoigne – Founder and CEO


Museum, retail, and exhibition showcases

With its dedicated licensees, Armour Systems continues to successfully deliver installations throughout the UK, Europe, North America, and other territories.


Planorama® System & ArtStore by Kern Studer

Owned and manufactured by Armour Systems, Planorama® is sold worldwide via a network of distributors and agents.


Power Tap®

Designed by Richard Liddle RCA, the patented Power Tap system can be integrated within Armour Systems showcase products.


Planorama® is manufactured in recycled-grade aluminium and dispatched from the plant in Milton Keynes. Experience has taught us that there’s no secret to maintaining tight tolerances in production: simply employ skilled people, and give them the best possible equipment to work with.

We manufacture to some of the highest standards in the industry because we know that consistency in manufacture is the only way of ensuring consistency of performance for our products when they go into service. Put more simply,  we produce quality products because we like to sleep easily at night.


Power Tap® is a bespoke lamination of conductive and non-conductive glass. The arrangement allows power to be transferred across two or more individual layers within the laminate and tapped/extracted at the required apertures to power multiple low power devices.

The delivery of this energy is wire/cable free and invisible to the user. The result is that multiple low-power devices can be invisibly powered and appear to be ‘floating’ within the glass panels.