ARKIVE Archival Drawers

ARKIVE Artefact storage & Archival Drawer system


Arkive is a registered brand relating to a unique all aluminium archival drawer storage system and special drying racks sold directly by distributors and agents.

Originally introduced to the Dutch National Archive and subsequently developed by Olaf Scholten and Stuart Welch, the all aluminium Arkive artefact storage conservation grade drawer system, with its revolutionary patented polyester drawer base, was initially developed to assist in the preservation of cultural objects in their original condition. 

  • Aluminium drawers can be supplied with a choice of inert, lightweight and rigid bases. The patented drummed polyester bases are the lightest and most suitable for shallow drawers and the maximum separation of documents.

  • The standard drawer depths are 10mm, 20mm, 42mm, 64mm, 86mm, 108mm and 185mm. The drawer fronts feature a full-width handle with an integral label holder.

  • Arkive® has removable drawers of different depths which are interchangeable because of the low maintenance slides which are set at 10mm increments. Where very heavyweight storage is required high-quality telescopic drawer slides may be fitted.

  • Arkive modules can be supplied with glass tops so that the top drawer acts as a display cabinet. Deeper drawers with glass, acrylic or polycarbonate tops are ideal for open-access display.

  • Drawers can also be removed and displayed vertically in the Frameorama™ profile.

  • For special aesthetic needs drawer fronts can be clad in other materials, such as timber.

  • Drawers can include Plastazote® inlays with laser-cut cavities to secure and protect artefacts. Armour Systems + Museum Workshop provides a comprehensive object-handling and 3D scanning service.

  • The lightweight, removable drawers are extremely useful in the event of an emergency situation.

  • Where required the drawers can be fitted with a unique pull-out locking system to prevent them from being removed without the use of a special device.

  • Drawer depths can be mixed in a single module as required. To ensure a dust-free environment the cabinet modules and the front of each drawer are fitted with dust-exclusion brushes.

  • The standard module heights are 204mm, 416mm, 592mm, 768mm, 944mm, 1120mm, 1296mm.

  • Modules can be stacked on top of each other using a secure fixing profile.

  • The modules or plinths are fitted with solid aluminium and stainless steel levelling feet.

  • Cabinets are secured with an Abloy® central locking system.

  • The cabinets have the option of stylish but heavy-duty locking wheels on a heavy-duty chassis.

  • The standard colour and finish is matt silver anodised aluminium.

  • On special request a variety of colours can be achieved by anodising or polyester powder coating.

  • Approximately 1/3rd of the weight of steel cabinets. Arkive® has been selected for buildings with inadequate floor loadings.

  • Where it is difficult to supply an assembled cabinet, Arkive® can be delivered as flat components and assembled by our technicians on-site.

  • The Arkive® Team ( will supply a detailed quotation including packing, transportation and installation.

Today, Arkive artefact storage and archival drawer storage system applications are more wide-ranging and encompass museums, archives, libraries, art galleries, specialist retailers and corporate clients.

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