Artwork & Painting Storage System

Art preservation transcends the confines of time and the ArtStore Painting Storage System stands as a testament to this commitment, offering an ingenious solution for securing and managing valuable paintings and artworks. Comprising lattice pull-outs and sliding walls, this system is designed to provide a seamless fusion of security and accessibility.

Within the realm of artwork & painting storage, the ArtStore DL-120 painting storage system stands as a pinnacle of innovation. Operating on the principle of ceiling-running systems, it creates usable, safe, suspended storage. This innovative approach ensures that valuable artworks remain untouched by the floor, minimising vibrations and ensuring optimal preservation conditions.

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The floor-running system, represented by the BL-30 painting storage system, presents a robust solution for galleries and museums. In contrast to overhead systems, these ground-based systems provide ease of access while still maintaining the integrity of the stored pieces.

The compact system, known as the Art Gallery Compact System, exemplifies the space-efficient nature of ArtStore solutions. In a world where space is at a premium, this system optimises storage capacity without compromising on the security of the artworks.

Museums and galleries are entrusted with the preservation of historical and culturally significant artworks. Recognising this, ArtStore by Kern Studer delivers unparalleled support through its painting hoist systems. These systems ensure easy access to artworks while ensuring their safe storage, addressing both practicality and security concerns.

The architectural differences of each institution determines the design and implementation of the supplied painting archive. Tailored to the specific needs of different collections, ArtStore’s painting storage grids offer a versatile and practical solution. Paintings are secured using hooks on these grids, eliminating the risk of damage while allowing for effortless organization and retrieval.

ArtStore Artwork & Painting Storage System

ArtStore Artwork & Painting Storage System

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