Many institutions now want to embrace daylight – it’s more dynamic and creates a better quality of light. Although using daylight can present many technical challenges and it needs to be done correctly, the knowledge and the technology is there to allow daylight to be used and still achieve strict conservation requirements.

Arfon Davies, Arup Lighting

With the development of display lighting technology, there has been a move to create gallery and museum spaces that are brighter, capturing daylight where possible, while employing non-reflective glass and light fittings that are so small and well concealed that they are not always visible to the naked eye.

Gallery and museum display lighting systems within cases can be specified according to colour, energy-efficiency or to the sensitivity of the object. There are a number of display lighting solutions and designs on offer in our showcases, utilising the latest in fibre-optic and LED technologies.

Information on our recent gallery and museum display lighting systems and solutions can be viewed in our Case Studies, and are included in our Museum Showcase Brochure below:

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