We spoke with quite a few exhibition showcase manufacturers, even companies that specialise in display security control systems and none but Conservation By Design were able to offer a solution which met all of the specification criteria.

Blackwood Architects, Dublin

When The Shrine of St Manchan was stolen from the Boher Catholic Church in Ireland, in June 2012, church officials were forced to place the 12th Century artifact in temporary storage until a suitable way of protecting the exhibit within the church could be found.

The display security control solution we were able to create for our client was a simple and elegant showcase with a glass vitrine top mounted on a satin lacquered plinth. Discreet LED lighting all around the underside of the plinth created a lifted floating effect to the whole structure.

Designed to give visitors an unhampered view of the exhibit, the frameless glass top is made from low reflective, 17.5mm thick, security glass to resist penetration and is raised and lowered for access using a remote interface.

Importantly for the client, in the event of any further attack or tampering, the display security control system incorporates seismic detectors within the case that will trigger a mechanism to lower the Shrine into a protected steel enclosure, which can only be recovered by way of a secure process.

The interlocking mechanisms were built using a series of highly efficient and reliable electric ball screw actuators, all synchronized and automated to manage inputs from sensors and switches and controlled via a secure interface panel.

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