We provide a sensitive, flexible and craft-based approach to the display of museum collections and exhibits, using the latest AutoCAD software.

Providing a comprehensive object-mounting service, we promote objectcentred display mounting systems and have an experienced and artistic team who can balance your design requirements with its safe display and preservation. No matter what the size of your project, be it single items or a large gallery, we will guide you through the process to provide the perfect exhibit display mounts.

Having an ICON accredited conservator on the team means that we can offer advice from the outset of your project. Working from the inside of the case out, we ensure that your museum objects will be displayed safely, to their full potential, and to our clients’ recommended standards.

For more detail on the exhibit display mounts and systems we can offer, please contact us to discuss your project requirements.

Information on our recent display mount systems can be viewed in our Case Studies, and in our brochure below.

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