The surest way to preserve your books in health is to treat them as you would your own children, who are sure to sicken if confined in an atmosphere which is impure, too hot, too cold, too damp or too dry.

William Blades, The Enemies of Books (1880)

We have worked with a diverse range of retailers, including luxury brands, specialist booksellers and public libraries, where the retail display system and method of display of products is in itself a statement about their love of the product. We know that a bookcase retail display system needs to do more than store books: it needs to display them with care – allowing both spine and face-out titles to sit at just the right angle to stop them tipping from the shelf.

We design precision aluminium extrusions that provide the core methods of construction for our range of retail display systems and solutions, from secure showcases to flexible display systems. We manage the seamless integration of all project-specific requirements utilising the latest, industry-leading, computer aided design technology, in the production of precisely detailed manufacturing drawings.

Information on our recent retail display systems and solutions can be viewed in our Case Studies, and are included in our Retail Projects Brochure below.

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